5 reasons to promote your GlamAfric booking profile.

As an independent beauty stylist or salon, you are your own marketing team. You are responsible for getting clients through the door and turning them into loyal customers — that’s why online booking is a must. You save time by allowing clients to book their own appointments and you get a powerful and easy to use marketing tool built in: your booking profile link. 

Sharing your link in email campaigns and across social media should be a part of your marketing strategy year round. Not sure .....

Skincare 101: Here’s The Real Reason Why You Shouldn’t Pick At Your Breakouts

Acne is a common skin condition that is often associated with teenagers, but bad breakouts and severe skin disorders can affect adults too, especially women. In fact, according to a report conducted by Dr. Bruce Hensel for NBC4 News, “more than a quarter of clinical acne patients are women aged 25 to 60.” Acne is a problem in and of itself, but did you know that you could make it worse by continually touching your face and squeezing or popping pimples?

Those destructive habits not only.....

Oily Or Dry? How To Determine Your Skin Type In Three Easy Steps

If you’re a beauty junkie, chances are you’ve gotten sucked into trying some trendy new skin care product, only to be disappointed that it couldn't deliver. Have you ever thought about the fact that your dull, lackluster skin could be the result of using the wrong products for your skin type?

Yes, apparently, there’s a method to the madness when it comes to formulating the right cosmetic equation and chemical mixture for certain skin types. By now you’re probably wonde.....

Skincare Tips You Need Now To Get Ready For Your Summer Glow Up

With warmer weather on the horizon, it’s time to rethink the way you approach your skincare routine. It should cater to your skin type concerns and also take into consideration the weather.

While winter skin needs more moisture and hydration, spring and summer skin tends to call for lightweight products that won’t mix with sweat and dirt to clog your pores. With so many things to remember, we decided to speak with dermatologist Dr. Rosemarie Ingleton, founder of Ingleton Dermatology i.....

The Secret To Poppin’ Curls Is A Spice You Can Find In Your Kitchen

On your journey to embracing your natural hair, you know that to achieve the perfect twist-out, stretched afro and well-defined curls requires using the right products and having a lot of patience.

But with so many hair care products out there—all promising less frizz and tangles — it can be a long, grueling process toward discovering what works for your hair texture.

If you’ve tried every brand and curly custard out there and your hair is still dry, brittle and lifeless, it&.....

The Edge Of Glory: Expert Advice On Maintaining That Delicate Hairline

Having a gorgeous hairline has deep cultural roots, yet properly caring for it often takes a back seat. Here's a rundown of the tools, products and techniques—even massage—that are vital for maintaining healthy locks.


The Wave 

Taming and creatively styling the tendrils along our hairline is a popular Black tradition. The art of meticulously laying down our softest strands with the same attention to detail that brilliant painters give their masterpieces seemingly first emerg.....

Geena tells us about the importance of exfoliation.


Exfoliation is a skincare therapy in which the outer layers of dead skin cells are gently sloughed off with the use of a product. Any area of the skin can be exfoliated, but its important to use products intended for different parts of the skin and types. By speeding up the skins natural process of shedding dead skin cells, exfoliation helps to prevent pimples, white head and blackheads to reveal a glowing complexion.


How to become a successful Freelance Beauty Professional

A freelance beauty professional is an individual who performs make up, hair, nails and other beauty services on clients on a freelance basis rather than working for a beauty salon on a permanent employment basis. This means that anyone who works on per order basis and not under an employer to provide make up services can be referred to as a freelance professional. Freelance artist have more of a flexible and comfortable job and develop their own clientele who can request services either through .....

What is Airbrush Make Up? @Kuchydeals explains this to us

I get this look when I tell my clients that I'm an Airbrush makeup Artist, as I always have to explain what it means, but in the end they are thrilled and satisfied with the outcome. 

Airbrush makeup is a light-weight makeup sprayed onto the skin using an air gun instead of the sponges, brushes, fingers, or other methods, It produces a thin, even layer and creates a very matte finish. 

The fine mist of color covers the skin and gives the appearance of a flawless complexion. 
It can be use

Patricia Bright Wants to Help Black Women Find Their Perfect Foundation Shade

As Black women finding our perfect shade of foundation has historically been a tricky endeavor. The lack of shade range by major brands combined with their unflattering undertones, that oftentimes left deeper skin looking ashy, kept many women of color weary of makeup counters. The fear of buying a product that looked terrible or worse, being unmatchable, has created real trepidation for many Black women.

But that fear is no longer warranted. 

Significant strides have been made by beauty brands.....

Why Your Braids Are Itching (And How To Stop It Now)

A fresh set of box braids, crochet twists and even a new wig are perfect go-to protective styles when looking for something simple and easy to maintain. This is especially true in the summer time when the heat and humidity could ruin your natural tresses or sleek look. But, then the itching starts. Or worse, you start breaking out with bumps. What the?!

What some stylists (or your local braider) neglect to tell you is that those wonderful Kanekalon and synthetic extensions are coated with an al.....

Want Healthier Hair? Then Eat These 5 Foods

When it comes to haircare there is no shortage of topical products promising us healthy hair. Yet one of the most impactful things we can do for our hair's health is to take an inside-out approach. 

Jessica Jones, MS, RD, CDE, cookbook author and co-founder of Food Heaven Made Easy, agrees that eating the right foods can have a profound effect on hair health. As someone who works with women of color to better understand nutrition, Jones has ample insight into just what foods we should be eatin.....

Top 5 beauty trends we expect to leave behind in 2017

The New Year is fast approaching and while some people may have already started working on their resolutions ( if you make one) there are some things we should agree to leave behind in 2017. This week I am going to be talking about five beauty trends you need to leave behind in 2017.

Over highlighting

I’m talking about that ‘natural glow’ many women try to achieve by using a glowing powder or cream stick. Highlighting just the right points on your face can be amazing, whe


6 Hacks to immediately gain new clients on GlamAfric

The Beauty Industry is crowded with trained professionals, semi pros, and amateurs taking their chance at making a few bucks. Here are some tips to help you stand apart from the crowd, and gain more clients using GlamAfric.


1. Show great images / videos of your work - This generation is very visual, and care a great deal about presentation. Borrow a good camera kit if you haven't got one, but use the good images to attract attention from new clients.


2. Display all your services - Pre.....

3 Main Reasons Why Your Hair Is Constantly Shedding

Shedding takes place when we wash our hair, comb our hair or style our hair. On average, we lose about 100 hairs a day. An easy way to tell the difference between a broken hair and shed hair is simple. If you notice a tiny white bulb at the end of your strands, that’s hair that shed! The bulb means the hair has gone through a complete cycle of growth and as a result has fallen out. If your going through a shedding spell, here are three main reasons why…



Stress and a.....

This is the Correct Way to Remove a Blackhead. Its really simple...

Blackheads are sort of the bane of our existence as it is, but a trapped blackhead you can't quite get out from under the surface? There is a special layer of hell reserved for those stubborn jerks in particular. The feeling to pick at it grows every time you look in the mirror, and those pore strips can only do so much. Extracting it is the only logical option left, but there's a certain art to the technique so that you don't end up red all over, or worse, with broken capillaries......

How to Fix Lipstick That Has Been Broken, Melted, or Generally Destroyed

It happens to even the most careful among us.

Your favorite lipstick, which has solidified a spot more permanent in your handbag than your wallet, has somehow melted in the unseasonably warm weather, or lost its cap within your bag and broken. Mourning its loss is a common reaction—after all, it's your signature—but rest assured, you can still save it.

With some careful crafting, cutting, or melting, you can restore the color not entirely to its former glory, but something .....

Clare explains what face mapping can tell you about acne

I know you can relate. I always broke out in the same places, my cheeks. The struggle was real. Then I learned that I could find the cause of the acne by its location on my face through "face mapping"

Face mapping is a 5000-year-old Asian stream of thought with Ayurvedic and traditional Chinese medicinal principles.

This ancient knowledge is quite powerful. In fact, a Face Mapping program was developed by the International Dermal Institute exclusively for Dermalogica to address cus.....

This is what went down at Tara National Summit 2017

The Tara beauty entrepreneur national summit 2017 was a fun-filled event one wouldn't forget easily as there were lots of games and prizes......Did we mention lots of food and drinks?(Yum!). 

The event which held yesterday, 8th November, at Wilmot Point was aimed at celebrating 1000 voices who over the years have built-in their strength, passion, and spirit of enterprise in the Nigerian beauty space.

The beautifully decorated event centre which was put together by Funke Bucknor, CEO Zap.....

A personal trainer explains why you should always do your weight training before your cardio at the gym

Some people begin their workout sessions with cardio but 27-year-old personal trainer Max Lowery told Business Insider, people should be doing the opposite. He said weightlifting is the only real way to sculpt your physique.

The idea that cardio should be done at the beginning of a workout to warm up your muscles is apparently a myth.

That is, according to Max Lowery, a personal trainer and founder of the 2 Meal Day intermittent fasting plan, who is adamant that people should be doing the oppos.....

This is what Kyle Jenner has cooking for Halloween

Beauty mogul and soon to be mother Kylie Jenner, who launched her fall lip kits earlier this season, has more shades up her sleeve.

This Halloween, Kylie Cosmetics is dropping eleven new shades in its velvets formulation, covering everything from beige to other kinds of beige to sharp, almost neon pink and more muted plum and burgundy tones.

Even though, the whole collection goes (by and large) for more muted tones. The shade names are relatively unfussy too: Karma (fuchsia), Surprise Me (.....

We tried out the new BM|PRO Lipsticks, here’s why they are a must have.

By Fadey Adefemi

When it comes to Make Up and the beauty business in Nigeria, you can’t miss the name Banke Meshida aka BM|Pro


Because, she has successfully turned the makeup business into a lifestyle, and her cosmetic brand which launched in 2006 has grown to become one of the biggest makeup brands in Africa. Known for their spectacular quality, this is one Nigerian makeup brand that keeps releasing creative makeup products like their lipsticks that come in matte, matte vel.....

Black Women and Wellness: Reiki May Be the Answer to Your Emotional and Physical Pain

If you feel like nearly every Black woman on social media is talking about Reiki, well you're not alone.

The Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation, which also promotes healing, is quickly going from fringe wellness practice to mainstream — much like hot yoga and crystal therapy a few year ago. 

On a recent episode of the New York Times podcast Still Processing host Jenna Wortham confessed that she was "obsessed" with Reiki, while wellness guru Lauren Ash, founder o.....

Ever thought of making your own coconut oil? Here's how you can

It is no longer news that the health benefits of coconut oil are amazing.

As a matter of fact, coconut oil benefits in skincare, hair care, weight loss, treating yeast infections, improving digestion and increasing immunity against a host of infections and diseases benefits in skincare, hair care, weight loss, treating yeast infections, improving digestion and increasing immunity against a host of infections and diseases.

And with properties of antioxidants, antibacterial, antifungal and a.....

Patricia Bright tells us how to eat our way to healthy hair. Check it out!!

It’s no joke when they say that your WHOLE life changes after you have a baby. For those that don’t know this absolutely includes your hair. Whilst pregnant you’re lavished with luscious locks, but like most good things – this eventually comes to an end (it’s called postpartum hair loss). Since giving birth to Grace, my hair has definitely started to shed, I know it’s pretty normal, but before I end up bald (excuse me for being dramatic) I have taken some nece.....

What makes a woman sexy? Our Favourite is No. 19... What's yours?

1. “Kissable lips”

The kind that makes the man torn between paying attention to what she is saying or kissing her while in the middle of a conversation.

2. “A touchy back”

The kind that invites him. How a lady walks, bends, sits is something she can teach herself. The female back should be one that calls out for his touch whether she wears a bare back, a blouse or a blazer.

3. “A decorated voice”

Speech and the way she breathes while talking mak.....

Watch These Beauty Bloggers Try Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty Foundation


As soon as Rihanna released her hotly anticipated makeup collection — that's Fenty Beauty for anyone not yet aware — I did what any YouTube-obsessed girl would do and went straight for the reviews. I'm not ashamed to say that the bulk of my Saturday was spent in bed, nursing a gargantuan hangover, unable to tear my eyes from the countless Fenty tutorials that had filled up my feed since its inception.

I'm particularly partial to YouTube wh.....

Rihanna Confirms Fenty Beauty Will Feature 40 Foundation Shades

More info on Rihanna’s highly-anticipated Fenty Beauty line have emerged, and each new detail is better than the last.

As you may remember, last week, Rihanna took to Instagram to tease the first product pics from Fenty Beauty, which is set to launch at Sephora this Friday, September 28. Though we haven’t seen any official pics of other products yet, rumor has it that the collection will feature a whopping 40 foundation shades.

As Hello Giggles reports, Rihanna confirmed the rumors ove.....

GlamAfric chats with Dr Chinedu Echi-Williams. Qualified Medical Doctor & Successful Beauty Professional.

Dr Chinedu Echi WIlliams is a successful Beauty Professional and Owner of the Yvade Body Shop. In her spare time she is also a Senior Resident Doctor at University Of Port Harcourt Teaching Hospital and Senior Reg.Resident Doctor at University Of Port Harcourt Teaching Hospital. - UPTH :-)


What got you into the industry?

I’ve always loved wearing makeup and would often get into trouble (still do) for putting on bright red lipstick amongst other really obvious eye shadow colours, during

Beauty Power in Prayer and Meditation. Any Time, Any Place, Anywhere

One day at work as a hair stylist, I was getting ready for my next client, who was already sitting in my chair. She was about sixty years old, the same age my mother was when she died, and she even resembled her a bit. I had talked with this client many times during her weekly hair appointments, and she was always well groomed and beautifully dressed. I knew she and her husband owned a successful business and had no children. I was feeling sad that my mother wasn’t able to be here to enjoy.....

Nicki Minaj and MAC are teaming up for a new collection.


Considering that Minaj's first collaboration with MAC, a set of lipsticks and glosses for the brand's Viva Glam line, quickly became one of the top selling Viva Glam collections of all time, it's hardly a surprise that the star is making a return to the brand's shelves with a new lip collection. .....

Beauty Geek presents its best MASTERCLASS yet, with Bregha & Oluchi

Are you a makeup artist or enthusiast looking to learn makeup skills and turn those skills into money? Then the Beauty Geek Masterclass Vol 2 is perfect for you! The Masterclass promises to be detailed and leave no stone unturned. 


Side Attractions include: - Goodie bags with products from our sponsors @zaroncosmetics @PoutByM @zikelcosmetics @Maksinshair @FBCbeauty etc..

- Networking with sponsors during tea break and lunch break..

- Free Glam Partnership from @GlamAfric for 3 Month.....

Women of colour have higher levels of beauty product chemicals in their bodies

The majority of American women regularly use beauty products, but an alarming new report published in the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology points out that women of color have higher levels of chemicals from beauty products in their systems than white women do.

This is particularly concerning given that even small amounts of these chemicals have the potential to cause health problems, the authors of the article argue. For the commentary, Ami R. Zota, ScD, MS, an assistant professor at.....

Want to get rid of acne / pimples? Try this simple toothpaste method

Pimples can be really annoying and should be tagged face spoilers. However, rather than scratch them off your skin, just use this effective toothpaste method.

Pimples/acne are skin inflammations that occur when the oil glands of the skin get infected with bacteria and swell up.

Unfortunately, these skin inflammations called pimples can be really annoying especially when they bombard our faces leaving us helpless to one or two pieces of advice from friends about how we need to stay away fro.....

7 Best Mainstream Beauty Brands For Women Of Colour

If there’s one reason customization is gaining ground in the beauty world, it might be that the industry has long overlooked the needs of women of color. Few brands carry enough shades on the deeper end, and those that do aren’t necessarily diverse when it comes to undertone. These women have more choices now, as beauty brands recognize the value, both monetary and otherwise, in serving women of color. (It likely helps that beauty bloggers like Jackie Aina regularly call out brands for fa.....

Study finds female students who wear makeup have higher self esteem and grades.

"The Lip Stick Effect"

A new study just confirmed that makeup does in fact make you feel smarter and can lead to better grades too.

Researchers from Harvard Medical School and the University of Chieti, Italy put the 'lipstick effect' to the test and discovered that female students who wear makeup cognitively benefit from the psychological phenomenon in which wearing cosmetics can make an individual feel a sense of overall enhancement in self-esteem, attitude, and persona


You are invited to the MAISAA Northern Beauty Spa Launch Party at Lekki this weekend.

Maisaa Beauty spa is an alternative Northern traditional spa, that offers ancient methods of beauty treatments on any woman who is interested in looking and feeling beautiful inside and out the old-fashioned way. Maisaa was borne out of the need to share the Northern Nigerian age long beauty secrets to other parts of the world.

Other services include customized treatments for Brides, Post bay care treatments aimed at looking after new-mommies and bringing their old self back.

Also Henna pa.....

LITTLE MISS EBONY - Beautiful Poem by Millie Omondi

Beauty is a promise of happiness
Beauty is diversification of range
Beauty is liberation from perception and expectations
Beauty is sincerity of a heart felt value
Beauty is epitome of faith and beliefs

Beauty is a requisite like any other

Breaks the heart just like bitterness

An unbearable drive to desperation

A moment’s glimpse of forever

Beauty is not colour

Though black don’t crack

It is certification of polished pearls

It is love of tast


KREME chats with Joyce Jacob. Founder of Joyce Jacob Beauty & Celebrity Make Up Artist, about her skin care regime.

The team at Kreme.ng caught up with Joyce Jacob, who took time out of her super busy schedule. This interview includes some amazing insights on her skin care regime and advice for aspiring Make Up Professionals.

Brief background about yourself and how you started in the industry

I have been fascinated with make up since I was a child. I would always get into trouble for playing with my mother’s make up bag and putting in on face; I even have pictures (laughs). I didn’t really kn.....

These New Hair-Care Products Are Made for EVERY Curl Type

It's easy to group textured hair into one big "curly" category. The truth is, "curly" hair comes in many forms, so the hardest part about choosing a formula is figuring out which products are perfect for yourspecific hair type. Insert FORM, a new hair-care line designed to meet the specific needs of all hair textures, so you don't have to play the guessing game anymore.


The collection, available now, consists of 10 products, ranging from $22 to $32 — all of w.....

Hot Hair Fixes: 4 Quick Ways To Cure Damaged Hair from the Founder @mycurls

As we go further and further into the summer, many of us experience damaged hair. Hair damage can take various forms including split ends, single strand knots, hair thinning, frizz and even traction alopecia.

Hair damage can also be particularly frustrating for those of us with curly, kinky and afro textured hair because our hair is dryer and therefore tends to be more prone to breakage.

However, most types of hair damage can be cured. Here are 4 of the best ways to cure your damaged curls......

This genius gadget is the only way you'll clean your makeup brushes in the future.

If you're a makeup aficionado, you know the struggle of cleaning your makeup brushes. 

Cleaning the brushes that graze your face is super important, as the buildup they collect is full of dirt, oil, dead skin cells, and old makeup. And did we mention bacteria? Lovely. 

Whether you've never cleaned a brush or are looking to be more time efficient, this gadget is for you.

The Luxe Brush Spinner (luxe!) cleans and dries brushes in seconds, and all you have to do is attach your makeup bru.....

Blushes & Dimples reviews Yanga's 'BrowLutions' Pencil.

The ´Browlution´pencil is made by the Yanga Beauty brand and it has been around for a while now. It is a retractable pencil just like M.A.C Cosmetics ´Spiked´ and ´Stud´  (I never bought those anyway).

For the benefit of those who don´t know, Yanga Beauty is a Nigerian beauty brand. Isn´t it great how Nigerians are now doing well for themselves in the Makeup industry? New brands are springing up, and most of them are really good. Yanga Beauty also has a


I'm sexy and I know it.....how do you measure your beauty?

Guest Blog Post by MUA @Muaencee


Often, we forget that the first step to beauty is the mind. To be seen as beautiful, you have to first of all believe that you are. We are fearfully and wonderfully made. Beauty is not imbibed in a select few but in all humans and the way you view yourself will determine how people view you. In a lot of cases, I have heard people say, “I wish i was as beautiful as "so and so” but they forget that they are beautiful in their own way.


Introducing the X Factor the Makeup Industry has Been Waiting for – The Makeup Artists Guild of Nigeria (MAGN)

Lagos, Nigeria, 7th July 2017: The beauty industry has indeed experienced rapid growth in diversity of services and professionalism. From new industry professionals to makeup techniques and trends, our industry has shown great promise for the future.

Today, especially with the influx of International brands and the rate of expansion, it is more important now more than ever to create a governing body to regulate, unify and bind the industry into a stronger whole. It is with this idea that we a.....

@LacquerandLaceng gives detailed instructions on how to remove your gel polish at home.

So you got that awesome gel polish manicure in the salon or at home and its lasted for weeks but now your nail is growing out and you can’t hide the extra growth anymore. Or your gel polish is starting to chip and you swear the lady at the restaurant was silently judging you for having an imperfect manicure. Well, time to get it off! You do not need to go all the way to a salon to have it removed; you can do it in the comfort of your own home.


Items you would need are

1.     Acetone b.....

What do you use to remove your makeup? Check out the Garnier's Skin Active Micellar Cleansing Water

By Blushes & Dimples


Up until I bought the Garnier SkinActive Micellar Cleansing water, I'd been using the TARA makeup remover. The only problem I had with the TARA cleanser was the oil residue it left behind on my face after all the makeup was removed, it was a lot of oil and I didn´t like it. Despite that fact, Iwas going to buy it again until i read about the Micellar Cleansing Water and it got me. I have used it about four times now so a review is in order.


Not just a remover,.....

It's a tough world out there. Learn some great ways to relax, zone out from everything and recharge your batteries.

Wriiten By Whitney Madueke

Every now and then, it is great when you can relax and let go of tension. This is a moment when your phone should be switched to silent. Your mind tuned off from everything. Enjoy the moment and unwind from the chaos that is a fast moving world.

Spa Treat

Everyone deserves a treat. It is important to give yourself time to be pampered and feel the many pleasures of life. Spa treats come in varying formats, from a few minutes to hours, it is all about enjo.....

Some of the most common things you would worry about when transitioning to natural hair.

By Kelechi Arinze

After battling with thinning hair for a year I have decided to start all over again, it’s a scary journey for someone who has had medium to long relaxed hair since I was a child. I will be documenting and sharing my journey to waist length (LOL) hair. Let’s dive in shall we?

My hair was relaxed for the first time at age 5 and being someone who can’t remember ever being natural I am taking a big gamble going natural. My mum keeps saying my hair was so tou.....

Kuchydeals tells us about Airbrush Make Up and why you should insist on it.

I get this look when I tell my clients that I'm an Airbrush makeup Artist, as I always have to explain what it means, but in the end they are thrilled and satisfied with the outcome. 

Airbrush makeup is a light-weight makeup sprayed onto the skin using an air gun instead of the sponges, brushes, fingers, or other methods, It produces a thin, even layer and creates a very matte finish. 

The fine mist of color covers the skin and gives the appearance of a flawless complexion. 
It can be use

Find 5 easy and quick ways to build an audience on YouTube & Social Media. You can thank us later…

YouTube is the number one place for creatives to grow their brand today. Sometimes it looks like YouTube stars rise overnight but the truth is there's a lot of hard work that goes into being successful on this platform and it can be lifechanging if you get it right. Here's some top tips on where to focus to increase your chances of success.


Be Trendy

As you probably know, when a trend starts on YouTube or Instagram, it spreads like wildfire! Everyone is searching for this parti.....

How to take care of your natural hair, now that the rainy season is here. Check out some simple ideas.

​​Rainy Season is upon us! Pure rain water, is actually good for the hair. It is the purest form of soft water, which makes your hair shiny and lush. However, depending on where you live, your rain water may not be so pure, lowering its pH with harmful chemicals and pollutants. This acid rain can weaken your hair shaft, causing damage. Acid rain is also responsible for the corrosion of buildings and damage to trees at high elevations. So imagine what that can do to your hair!


  1. Prepare

  2. .....

Nigeria’s Biggest Make Up Fair rolls out for the 28th time, and it promises to be bigger than ever.

Written By | Chika Uzor

Nigeria’s Biggest Make Up Fair rolls out for the 28th time, and it promises to be bigger than ever.

As she prepares for the 28th edition of what is now the largest Make Up Fair in Nigeria, we caught up with one of Nigeria’s most brilliant minds in the Beauty Industry, Omolola Faleye, who currently holds the role of Founder @popsconceptsng & VP @themakeupfair.

The conversation was short, but her passion for, and in-depth knowledge of the Beauty Indu.....

MSA completes an amazing Nigerian Bridal Makeup. See how she gets it done step by step.

Written by MSA - http://msabeinspired.com/

Introducing look 2 of my 3 part series on bridal makeup: Nigerian Bridal Makeup. If there’s one word to describe traditional Nigerian weddings it would be COLOUR! Nigerians love colour and this is a reflection of the vibrancy of the people and of the culture as a whole. Traditional weddings are also known as the ‘engagement’ ceremony; they usually take place the night before the white wedding (i.e., a church service where the bride wea.....

Apparently, Peppermint tea can save your skin and hair. See how it works.

The acne miracle you’ve been praying for might just be in your kitchen! Peppermint naturally contains menthol, which is the active ingredient to reduce oil secretion. Since peppermint tea is completely natural and caffeine-free, physicians have been recommending it for curing all sorts of ailments for a very long time. Tea can also be applied directly to the skin! You can use it to soothe the likes of rashes and insect bites, especially common in the summer month. If you’ve been burn.....

Are you interested in boosting your mental health? Here are some tips!

Try yoga, dancing and cycling...

Studies show that making time for exercise provides some serious mental benefits. Exercise increases concentrations of norepinephrine, a chemical that can moderate the brain’s response to stress.

Exercise also releases endorphins, which create feelings of happiness and euphoria and this can even alleviate symptoms among the clinically depressed. Regardless of weight, size, gender, or age, exercise can quickly elevate a person's perception of his o.....

Growing your hair with braids, whether you've got tiny or big ones.

Written by Kelechi Arinze

While small braids can cause thinning, with big braids don’t pack on too much artificial hair on a little portion of your hair especially around your edges. As the extra weight will pull on your strands and might give you bald patches.

Your hairstylist probably dips your braids in hot water to seal the ends and this is fine. However, it becomes a problem when the full length of the hair (including your natural hair) is dipped. Some hair stylists even go as f.....


Okay so it’s been a week since Easter, you now have no excuse. It’s time to reclaim your abs! Below are some tips to get you started!


  1. Start each day with a cup of hot water with some squeezed lemon inside and ginger
  2. Try to put less salt and Maggi in the food, rather use other green herbs and spices to spice up a dish which is healthier for the body. Like for example black pepper, chili, coriander, basil, thyme and scent leaves. It will make your immune defense stronger and
  3. .....

Benefits of Coconut Water for Beauty

Written by Dobzi Fingers - http://www.dobzifingers.com

Hey lovelies,

We know the coconut is basically an 'it' fruit at the moment mainly because of its oil which is very common and popular among most of us. The coconut oil is a multi-purpose oil that can be used on the hair, skin and even for cooking. 

But another content of the coconut fruit that a lot of people over look is the coconut water. Shout out to my friend Stella for inspiring this post, I'll tell you a short story .....

My Henna Place HELL

The Henna Place Spa is a women’s only traditional spa based in Lekki Phase 1 and they popular for their Henna as their name implies, however on this day, we decided to go for Brazilian waxes.

My cousin and I called and booked an appointment the day before and it was pretty straight forward with no hassle. On arrival, the Henna Place turned out to be a Moroccan dream complete with oud wafting through the entrance and waiting area. We were attended to swiftly and told to wait while our trea.....

Make Up Shelf Life

Written by Kelechi Arinze

You know that gloopy mascara you keep running under the hot tap to make it not so gloopy? Toss it in the bin girl! Yes its time, chances are it was time 6months ago. Here’s the thing, you probably spent a ton of cash on that lip gloss and you have decided to ignore the funny smell that started a while ago. Expiration dates are not designed to make you shell out tons of cash over and over again but to also keep you from harming yourself. For instance, after a fo.....

Anti-Valentine and Dead Cupids

It’s Valentines Day and everywhere is a-buzzing with “love”, atleast the ideas of love as put out by the media, retailers, love-struck teenagers and old-timers. Throughout my short time on this earth, I have had changing philosophies when it comes to love btu good news, I think I have finally figured it out!

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, lean in because I am gonna tell you a short story about my ups and downs with this thing called love. Shall we begin?

I started o.....

My Ugly Journey Through Africa’s Beauty Industry.

By Chika Uzor - Founder @GlamAfric

This time last year I was sat at the London offices of a Multinational Retail Client, amending yet another set of endless PowerPoint slides for a presentation. Bored out of my mind and tired of the Afro Beat music coming through my headphones, I switched to iTunes in search of my very first podcast, which turned out to be the original episode of a series by Gimlet Media called Start-Up.

On this episode, the host, Alex Blumberg, tried to pitch his podcast .....

My Journey Into Skincare

Here’s a little back story about my transition into skincare. I graduated from Ajayi Crowther University where I studied Geology and had high hopes of working for a reputable oil and gas firm. I was posted to Cross River State where I served teaching in a secondary school.

While serving, I started applying to various companies till my service year was finally over, no luck.  On returning to Lagos, I started trying for various positions in different sectors, seeing that the Oil Industry a.....

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