GlamAfric chats with Dr Chinedu Echi-Williams. Qualified Medical Doctor & Successful Beauty Professional.

Dr Chinedu Echi WIlliams is a successful Beauty Professional and Owner of the Yvade Body Shop. In her spare time she is also a Senior Resident Doctor at University Of Port Harcourt Teaching Hospital and Senior Reg.Resident Doctor at University Of Port Harcourt Teaching Hospital. - UPTH :-)


What got you into the industry?

I’ve always loved wearing makeup and would often get into trouble (still do) for putting on bright red lipstick amongst other really obvious eye shadow colours, during ward rounds and clinics, as a house officer.

However, I just didn't know how to do it right, and would have the most horrible brows back then. So when my wedding makeup artist (of blessed memory) did my trial makeup, my fiancé at the time said he wished I looked like that every day, I immediately signed up for a personal makeup class.

After successfully completing several pro trainings, The Yvade brand was born, registered in 2014, delivering Make Up Services, and has since evolved into a beauty & wellness brand, as I discovered that skin care and the body as a whole are also major contributors to beauty.

What services does your business offer?
Our services include Bridal / Event Makeup artistry & training, Makeup product retail, Herbal Skin / Spa Services & Hair extensions retail.

* What are the biggest problems you face daily?
Time management, stereotyping from people who feel the beauty business is for the uneducated, jobless or retired 'runs girl ' and the fluctuating prices of beauty products in the market due to the recession.

* What or who inspires you creatively?
My passion for enhancing the beauty of Nigerian women drives me. The question on who inspires me is difficult to answer because I stand on the shoulders of so many giants in the industry who I have on speed dial and call upon whenever I need mentoring.

* Any advise for aspiring Beauty Professionals?
Do not let anyone tell you that the industry is crowded and that you are just another beautypreneur. Put in the work, chart your own path and the rewards will come sooner or later.

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