Watch These Beauty Bloggers Try Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty Foundation


As soon as Rihanna released her hotly anticipated makeup collection — that's Fenty Beauty for anyone not yet aware — I did what any YouTube-obsessed girl would do and went straight for the reviews. I'm not ashamed to say that the bulk of my Saturday was spent in bed, nursing a gargantuan hangover, unable to tear my eyes from the countless Fenty tutorials that had filled up my feed since its inception.

I'm particularly partial to YouTube when it comes to new product releases because most vloggers are upfront and honest about their opinions and generally speak from an unbiased place. That being said, because this line is well, Rihanna, it was a bit different. This is because RiRi is a multi-hyphenate beloved by all, so naturally her fans really wanted the collection to be a win. We were all rooting for her, but, quite frankly, she didn't need it.

Put simply: Rihanna hit this one out of the park and exceeded everyone's wildest expectations — and the countless rave reviews on YouTube are testament to that. People are shook — shooketh if you will — by every aspect of the line, though there's no denying one of the most important factors mentioned was the 40-shade range of foundation. Rihanna refused to release a collection that didn't cater to all skin tones, and the products she produced only further prove that she wouldn't settle until everything was just right.

If the impressions on YouTube are any indication her hard work seriously paid off, as I didn't come across a single tutorial with a bad review. From über-fair to melanin rich, the products seemed to appeal to everyone. But hey, don't just take my word for it. Below, peep just a few of a myriad of first impressions and hear what women of all different skin tones have to say about Fenty Beauty.


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