Patricia Bright tells us how to eat our way to healthy hair. Check it out!!

It’s no joke when they say that your WHOLE life changes after you have a baby. For those that don’t know this absolutely includes your hair. Whilst pregnant you’re lavished with luscious locks, but like most good things – this eventually comes to an end (it’s called postpartum hair loss). Since giving birth to Grace, my hair has definitely started to shed, I know it’s pretty normal, but before I end up bald (excuse me for being dramatic) I have taken some necessary steps to ensure that my hair is as healthy as possible. Today i’m sharing them with you. Check out exactly what I have been doing on my latest video.


Since changing up my diet, I have definitely noticed a reduction in the shedding of my hair and the general health of my hair, it just feels and looks so much better. Overall, I feel like I am a healthy person, I tend to make healthy food choices the majority of the time but I am not perfect. If I am craving something sweet, then I don’t deny myself – everything in moderation, that is the way forward. Specifically for hair growth, protein is major. Protein helps with the strengthening of hair and it also promotes new hair growth. It’s a given that I have been increasing my protein intake. Foods like egg, nuts, lentils and salmon, are all great protein sources.


Salmon is also great source of omega 3 fatty acids. Omega 3 fatty acids are vital for maintaining a healthy scalp. As my hair is natural, it’s so important that I keep it moisturised. Dry hair increases the likelihood of breakage and I am not about that life! Omega 3 fatty acids produce the oils that help to keep your hair and scalp hydrated, meaning that I have less breakage – I’m officially over indulging on salmon for the foreseeable future.


At least 2 litres a day – countless benefits! Enough said.


I have also introduced the infamous biotin into my routine. Anyone that’s ever watched a hair growth video or read a blog post will have come across a mention of biotin. It’s believed to promote healthy hair growth and prevent the hair from being dry. Biotin also increases the elasticity of the hair’s cortex and minimises breakage. Nuts, whole grains and cereals, cauliflower, bananas and mushrooms are all really good sources.


Along with biotin, there are many more vitamins that help with maintaining healthy hair and promoting hair growth. I am not particularly the best person for remembering to take a hundred different supplements. That’s where the SugarBearHair supplement comes in, making this whole process 100 times easier. The supplement contains vitamin A, C,D and E, biotin, B12 and folic acid all of which are natural and have been clinically proven (nobody has time to take supplements that don’t work) to promote hair growth and reduce breakage. Win-win situation really, plus they taste amazing, nothing like your typical supplement. I’ve been taking them religiously for nearly two months and already noticing a big difference in my hairline, which is the area I was experiencing the most thinning. Can’t wait to see what the results will be in a few months time. Here’s to flourishing edges, longer, stronger, thicker and healthier hair.


So, I have teamed up with SugarBearHair, so you can try the ‘magic’ hair pills for yourself. Five winners will be chosen at random, to win a three months supply plus SugarBearHair exclusive swag.

Enter this giveaway for your chance to win via the Rafflecopter giveaway below. All you need to do is follow SugarBearHair on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook and me on Instagram and subscribe to my YouTube channel. The competition will run from now until December 14th 2016.

All the best!

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