6 Hacks to immediately gain new clients on GlamAfric

The Beauty Industry is crowded with trained professionals, semi pros, and amateurs taking their chance at making a few bucks. Here are some tips to help you stand apart from the crowd, and gain more clients using GlamAfric.


1. Show great images / videos of your work - This generation is very visual, and care a great deal about presentation. Borrow a good camera kit if you haven't got one, but use the good images to attract attention from new clients.


2. Display all your services - Present the full breathe of beauty skills you have and services you offer, that way, when clients search for specific services, your business is returned on the search results.


3. Good Prices - People want alot of value for their money these days. Consider this when updating your profile with how much you charge for your services. This helps clients come to a decision fairly quickly on whether you are in their price range or not.


4. Clients Reviews - Increasingly, clients now making choices based on references from other clients. Ask your existing clients for a review which would be presented on your business profile. Good ratings left by existing clients also helps your chances of being promoted for free on the GlamAfric Platform. This is normally a paid service.


5. Share your GlamAfric Profile everywhere - GlamAfric provides you with your own unique website when you register. Share this to allow customers know how easy it it reach you and book your services. Easy share tools have also been added to the Apps for sharing on social media. 


6. Become a Glam Partner - Apart from gaining unresricted access to all the tools on the GlamAfric Platform, you would be regulary featured/promoted by GlamAfric on all their social media platform, websites and weekly newsletters to clients.  You would also receive referrals from the GlamAfric Team whenver clients request relevant professionals in your area.


Sign Up for FREE today on www.glamafric.com/business/Index or Search for "GlamAfric" on IOS or Android. Its FREE and takes 5mins. What's to lose? :-)

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