Anti-Valentine and Dead Cupids

It’s Valentines Day and everywhere is a-buzzing with “love”, atleast the ideas of love as put out by the media, retailers, love-struck teenagers and old-timers. Throughout my short time on this earth, I have had changing philosophies when it comes to love btu good news, I think I have finally figured it out!

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, lean in because I am gonna tell you a short story about my ups and downs with this thing called love. Shall we begin?

I started out watching movies about love and how the “damsel in distress” is saved by the total hunk wielding a sword, a gun or just his bare hands and some wit. Remember James Bond?! Yes! I watched those. Remember Mills and Boon? Yes, devoured those too for a little bit.

I went through adolescence thinking that love was about that perfect person who would fight through it all to be everything I wanted. 

From head in the clouds grand ideas about love, I went to being cynical. Why? Because all I ever saw were people throwing the word around and doing the exact opposite. I sure hadn’t found it yet. I even started thinking that people just faked being in love so that they can have something to talk about to their friends. Then there was Valentine’s day, another consumer-oriented sham promoted by the retailers to encourage you to spend money (or so I thought). In fact, I considered myself an 'Anti-Valentine' and way too “too smart to get caught in that lie”.

Then I fell for someone and went from cynical to love-struck. I know, surprised the hell outta me too.

Then of course I got heartbroken. I went from love struck to having a bone to pick with that little imp called Cupid.

But I picked myself up, went from heartbroken to optimistic and then back in love again. A roller-coaster, yes, but it was great and worth it. I have grown, changed and learned to cherish the love I have from family, friends and significant other.

At the end of it all, I gotta say I am a believer in love and each person has so much to give. We also have to remember that no one is perfect but we try our best and love the way we know how. It is also important that as we satisfy the need to love and be loved, we do not give up too much to the point that we lose ourselves and our individuality.

“Everyone needs a place, it shouldn’t be inside of someone else”, Richard Siken

Love on my mind…

So, tell me, any upside downs inn your love life? Are you still cynical about love? Pleeeeaaase share in the comments!


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