My Henna Place HELL

The Henna Place Spa is a women’s only traditional spa based in Lekki Phase 1 and they popular for their Henna as their name implies, however on this day, we decided to go for Brazilian waxes.

My cousin and I called and booked an appointment the day before and it was pretty straight forward with no hassle. On arrival, the Henna Place turned out to be a Moroccan dream complete with oud wafting through the entrance and waiting area. We were attended to swiftly and told to wait while our treatment rooms were being prepared.

Finally, after a long wait my cousin was called upstairs while I waited for my turn. A few minutes after, I was called upstairs. As you walk up the stairs the Moroccan theme is quite watered down to bare walls. I was led into a treatment room and given privacy to take my trousers off. I kept hearing shrieks from the treatment room beside mine. At this point I began to wonder if I should go through with the wax. Then I realised it was my cousin shrieking. I was concerned because while not unusual to shriek while getting waxed, she has a notorious high threshold for pain. So I yelled to her “are you okay?” Should I go along with this? She was responded “yeah sure, go for it!” She later mischievously told me that she wanted me to experience her pain as well. Now I should start off by saying that I regularly get waxed, so this is not a case of not knowing what to expect.

First of all, I wasn’t given a warm cloth. All the spas I have visited in the past provide a warm towel to soften the hairs before waxing. I would advise you to always ask for a warm cloth or towel especially before a Brazilian wax. This simple step actually makes it way less painful. Secondly, the girl kept going over the same spot, she went over one particular spot 3 times! She refused to listen to direction. At some point “uhm give me a minute …”, she just went right ahead and smeared the wax! And you know once it goes on it must come off! I was so upset. She refused to listen to me. She would roll her eyes occasionally and sigh deeply giving me the impression I was wasting her time and she had a lot of people to see. I had to literally slap her hand away and get off the bed to get her to stop.

Their aftercare is first lime juice and then coconut oil. It was as she was attempting to smear the lime juice on me that I realised, she wasn’t wear gloves, how unhygienic! I then took the bottle of lime juice and smeared it myself. It was at this point I realised what it was and it stung like hell! One of the reasons we came to The Henna Place is because they use cold natural sugar wax, so I understand the whole natural thing but I think Aloe Vera would have been more suitable especially as she could clearly see I had spots of blood from where she had gone over one too many times.

As I walked out of the treatment room half waxed and near tears, I kept blaming myself for staying even after I heard my cousin’s shrieks. My skin was sore and scabby for 2 days after. At an affordable price of five thousand, five hundred naira, I guess I got what I paid for. I have a new found respect for customers who regularly get waxed at The Henna Place because I do not understand how they regularly go through that trauma. Yes, that’s exactly how I would describe my experience, traumatic. Perhaps next time could be different...We'll see.

Written by Kelechi Arinze

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