How to take care of your natural hair, now that the rainy season is here. Check out some simple ideas.

​​Rainy Season is upon us! Pure rain water, is actually good for the hair. It is the purest form of soft water, which makes your hair shiny and lush. However, depending on where you live, your rain water may not be so pure, lowering its pH with harmful chemicals and pollutants. This acid rain can weaken your hair shaft, causing damage. Acid rain is also responsible for the corrosion of buildings and damage to trees at high elevations. So imagine what that can do to your hair!


  1. Prepare for the worst- The best defense is a good offense. Keep a rain proof bonnet in your bag to whip out at the slightest hint of rain. Use oils and hydrating shampoos and conditioners that will weigh the hair down so it doesn’t get frizzy and puffy.

  2. Wrap it up – The best option is a slick bun with lots of moisturising products to tame fly always and baby hairs. If you get caught in the rain, the bun will also help avoid the dreaded shrinkage while your hair is dries.

  3. Ditch your brush for a wide tooth comb -If you have super curly hair, step away from the brush while its wet. A wide tooth comb is your rainy-day best friend, as it detangles while keeping frizz and shedding to a minimum

  4. Protective styling -  While protective styling is great to keep your hair away from the rain. If you do get caught, remember to dry your cornrows under your weave. You can do this by putting your dryer on the medium setting and blowing it as close to your scalp as possible to dry out your cornrows. Wet hair under your weave can develop a nasty smell or even worse, mould!

  5. Go natural - If you're wearing your hair down then you need to work with its natural texture. A humid or damp environment will return your hair to its natural state so there's no point spending ages blow-drying or straightening it.

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