Apparently, Peppermint tea can save your skin and hair. See how it works.

The acne miracle you’ve been praying for might just be in your kitchen! Peppermint naturally contains menthol, which is the active ingredient to reduce oil secretion. Since peppermint tea is completely natural and caffeine-free, physicians have been recommending it for curing all sorts of ailments for a very long time. Tea can also be applied directly to the skin! You can use it to soothe the likes of rashes and insect bites, especially common in the summer month. If you’ve been burned or your skin is inflamed, allow the tea to cool and place it directly onto the skin.

The harsh rays of the sun and pollution wreak havoc on your skin, making it dull and greasy. Menthol, the basic element in peppermint leaves, lowers the secretion of oil from the sebaceous glands. By getting rid of the oil, you will also get rid of the dirt and dust; there’s nothing to attract them to the skin. This helps to keep the pores open and clean, so you can live an acne-free life. The process is a bit slow when compared to commercial products, but no one can deny its long-term effects. All you need is some patience and a daily cup of warm peppermint tea.

As a bonus, if you’re worried about a receding hairline, consider going the peppermint way. Peppermint works as a good stimulator for your scalp and promotes hair growth. By drinking peppermint tea, you boost the circulation of your blood improving strength of the roots and encouraging the hair to grow stronger and fuller.

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