Find 5 easy and quick ways to build an audience on YouTube & Social Media. You can thank us later…

YouTube is the number one place for creatives to grow their brand today. Sometimes it looks like YouTube stars rise overnight but the truth is there's a lot of hard work that goes into being successful on this platform and it can be lifechanging if you get it right. Here's some top tips on where to focus to increase your chances of success.


Be Trendy

As you probably know, when a trend starts on YouTube or Instagram, it spreads like wildfire! Everyone is searching for this particular makeup technique, tag or brand eg the Kylie Jenner Lipkits, reverse contouring or boyfriend does my voiceover video etc. To capitalise on this, using the appropriate titles and tags, you could post a video with your own unique take on this trend. Potential subscribers while searching for these videos might stumble on your video and if they like your content, you just might have a new subscriber!


Hashtag Hashtag Hashtag!!

Use popular and most clicked on hashtags when sharing your link to social media such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Using the appropriate hashtags can be the difference between having 50 impressions and 5000 impressions.


Quality Content

This cannot be overemphasised, all the hashtags and shout-outs won’t make much of an impact if your content is not well thought out and executed. You don’t need a crazy expensive camera or phone, the most important thing is good lighting and clear creative videos that show off your makeup in the best way possible.


Network & Collaborate

You shouldn’t be an island in the makeup industry, collaborating with brands and other YouTubers is how you grow. Now how do you find these brands? Network with other YouTubers, brand ambassadors and makeup bloggers at beauty events. It’s a great way to put yourself out there especially because most of these events are free! Also collaborating on fun videos or blogposts with more known YouTubers or bloggers can increase your visibility.


Have a signature look

As a Makeup Artist /Beauty YouTuber, you should be known for something (most likely what you do best) When people think of you, they should be able to visualise what kind of videos you make Bibyonce has the cat eyes, Anita Brows has brows, Doranne Beauty has that popping highlight, Ronke Raji has mastered the art of bold colourful yet wearable makeup and JideofStOla nails the flawless ‘no makeup makeup’ look every time!

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