Kuchydeals tells us about Airbrush Make Up and why you should insist on it.

I get this look when I tell my clients that I'm an Airbrush makeup Artist, as I always have to explain what it means, but in the end they are thrilled and satisfied with the outcome. 

Airbrush makeup is a light-weight makeup sprayed onto the skin using an air gun instead of the sponges, brushes, fingers, or other methods, It produces a thin, even layer and creates a very matte finish. 

The fine mist of color covers the skin and gives the appearance of a flawless complexion. 
It can be used to apply liquid foundation, eye shadows, blush, Bronzer, lip stick and even eye brows.

As the makeup is sprayed on, it connects with the skin as millions of droplets of formula. The formula can create an even, sheer, natural appearance to the skin,that if applied properly can appear natural and non-heavy unlike traditional makeup.


Why you should insist on Airbrush Make Up

It is entirely waterproof and therefore cannot breakout or cake.

2. It applies the makeup as thin, light layers on the skin that is barely noticeable to the wearer. 

3. It wears on much longer than the traditional makeup, foundation applied with the airbrush can last for 12 hours and more. 

4. Application wise, the technique is more hygienic than traditional makeup application because your makeup artist hardly has need to touch the skin, there is no use of sponges and brushes. It's also a faster method.

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