Some of the most common things you would worry about when transitioning to natural hair.

By Kelechi Arinze

After battling with thinning hair for a year I have decided to start all over again, it’s a scary journey for someone who has had medium to long relaxed hair since I was a child. I will be documenting and sharing my journey to waist length (LOL) hair. Let’s dive in shall we?

My hair was relaxed for the first time at age 5 and being someone who can’t remember ever being natural I am taking a big gamble going natural. My mum keeps saying my hair was so tough to comb she hopes I can handle it. My sister gave up after two years of being natural because the texture of her hair was too difficult to manage, so I’m nervous to see what my texture will be like. 

Family Reactions

I have had a mainly negative reactions from friends and family, I think my mum is the only one being supportive. My sister said “just don’t become one of those natchy (natural) sisters wearing head to toe mixed print, brogues and massive glasses” My best friend said “ahh I might have to disown you.” My other best friend who is natural herself just said wow then proceeded laugh herself silly. Most don’t believe I can do it, whenever I mention anything about missing my sleek top buns all I hear is variations of “I knew you couldn’t last!” 


Patience is a virtue

I’ve really learnt patience in these past 6 months, I have 12 more months of transitioning before I cut off my relaxed ends. Till then, I’ve been having difficulty managing both textures.  it takes so long to wash my hair these days because detangling is a nightmare. I’m usually left with clumps of hair in the bathtub even though I wash in sections. It’s so frustrating! If anyone knows how to deal with tangling, please let me know in the comments.


Styling a small afro

Now I know I’m going to receive a lot of flack for this but let’s face it, small afros or ‘fro-lets’ as I like to call them, just don’t look good with fancy clothes. You know that time when your hair is like 2 stretched inches so not long enough to even twist but not short enough to pull of the Alek Wek. I’ve been searching online to see how people style their fro-lets and I haven’t found anything nice yet. I’ll just have to pop on a wig for any occasion that calls for an evening dress till my afro is a respectable length.

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