It's a tough world out there. Learn some great ways to relax, zone out from everything and recharge your batteries.

Wriiten By Whitney Madueke

Every now and then, it is great when you can relax and let go of tension. This is a moment when your phone should be switched to silent. Your mind tuned off from everything. Enjoy the moment and unwind from the chaos that is a fast moving world.

Spa Treat

Everyone deserves a treat. It is important to give yourself time to be pampered and feel the many pleasures of life. Spa treats come in varying formats, from a few minutes to hours, it is all about enjoying each second of it. Indulging in the moment of utter bliss and tuning out of everything that causes you stress.

Massages, Facial, Manicures and Pedicures, are some of the ways you can relax at a spa. Make it a solo date or grab a friend or more to spend it with.

Sweat it Out

One word: Sauna! Saunas are great for relieving stress. The deep sweating induced by the sauna restores vitality to your skin as it reduces the appearance of fine lines and saggy skin.

Spending a few minutes in a quiet space allows you to collect your thoughts as you unwind from all the craziness. You get to sweat all your worries away and all the toxins from the environment.

And if that's not enough, saunas help with weight loss too! Try a sauna treat for 15-20mins, it will be worth it.


Yoga incorporates a whole lot of stretching to increase flexibility. This translates to relieving muscle tension and calming the mind in the process. It's an activity that promotes relaxation, tension relief and a restful mind. Through breathing and movement the mind is stilled and the tension is released.

Yoga for 5 minutes is better than no yoga at all. Don’t be afraid to grab a mat and stretch it out. Some poses might look more intimidating than others but there are poses for everyone.

Try:  downward dog, child’s pose, warrior, seated twist and cobra. These are great beginner moves that calm the mind while stretching out every tense spot.

Take a Walk

Early morning walks are great, especially when accompanied with music or the sweet sounds of birds chirping. Taking in fresh air helps to calm the mind. How you begin your day often determines how it pans out so it's important to begin each day relaxed and rejuvenated. Don't be in a hurry, just breathe and remind yourself that there is always time for everything. Implementing a life of health choices is a matter of discipline and dedication, so jump out of bed, grab your iPod, a bottle of water, and get to walking!


Aromatherapy makes use of natural oils extracted from plants, many of which are superb for relieving stress. Inhaling the aroma from oils such as lavender oil, lemon oil, clary sage and jasmine oil help to relax the body and promote better sleep.

These oils can be diluted in water, diffused into the air or applied on acupressure points on the body. These scents provide a feeling of stillness to the mind and your environment.

Light a sage, grab a book and feel those naughty knots loosen.

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