@LacquerandLaceng gives detailed instructions on how to remove your gel polish at home.

So you got that awesome gel polish manicure in the salon or at home and its lasted for weeks but now your nail is growing out and you can’t hide the extra growth anymore. Or your gel polish is starting to chip and you swear the lady at the restaurant was silently judging you for having an imperfect manicure. Well, time to get it off! You do not need to go all the way to a salon to have it removed; you can do it in the comfort of your own home.


Items you would need are

1.     Acetone based nail polish remover

2.     Methylated Spirit (I poured out some into an old dissolver bottle I had)

3.     Foil paper

4.     Cotton wool

5.     Nail file , 150 grit, 180 grit file

6.     Buffer

7.     Orange wood stick (don’t use a metal cuticle pusher, it’ll just scar your nail plate and we don’t want that for             your babies)

8.     Nail brush

9.     Polish (optional)

10.   Cuticle oil


Preparation: Cut 10 pieces of foil paper about an inch and the half wide, 3 inches long. Cut your cotton wool into small cotton balls. Small enough to cover the nail plate completely and wrap around the sides of your finger slightly.

Buff the nail to remove the shine from the gel top coat with a 150 grit file. Brush off the dust with a nail brush. Be careful not to file too much off so that you don’t get to your natural nail bed. Also, if you have new grown out nail or chips in the color where your natural nail is exposed, do not file these areas.

Soak cotton ball in acetone based polish remover or just plain acetone and place in the center of the pieces of foil. Place the foil on your finger with the cotton ball on the nail plate and wrap the ends of the foil around your finger. Let part of the foil extend over the finger, twist this excess shut. This stops the acetone from evaporating too fast.

Check on your babies. Unwrap one finger and scrap the gel polish off with the orange stick (I just went at it with my nail of my other hand). Sometimes it just crumbles off like biscuits after adequately soaking. Put the finger back in the foil wrap if you still have some areas on the nail where the polish is still playing Hard-To-Get.

After scraping the polish off all 10 fingers, you might still have some residue of the base coat on there. Use the 180 grit file to lightly file the entire nail, gently. Go over the entire nail with a buffer to smoothen all ridges the file might have left behind. Brush off all particles left over from filing.

Clean all nails with a cotton ball soaked in methylated spirit or rubbing alcohol, it helps catch all the articles the brush didn’t take off without the moisture some nail polish remover can leave behind. Oil will not let your polish adhere properly to your nail plate. Put on one or two thin coats of clear polish, wait to dry. Add any polish colour of choice and let dry.

Apply cuticle oil around your cuticle and massage in.

And you're done! 

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