I'm sexy and I know it.....how do you measure your beauty?

Guest Blog Post by MUA @Muaencee


Often, we forget that the first step to beauty is the mind. To be seen as beautiful, you have to first of all believe that you are. We are fearfully and wonderfully made. Beauty is not imbibed in a select few but in all humans and the way you view yourself will determine how people view you. In a lot of cases, I have heard people say, “I wish i was as beautiful as "so and so” but they forget that they are beautiful in their own way.

Sometime in January, I went for a makeup job and before I started, I asked the lady what kind of look she wanted. I saw what the other bridesmaids had on and asked her if she wanted something like that or something different. She said she wanted something lighter and I went ahead to create the look for her. Now this lady in question was pretty in my eyes even without the makeup, but in an instant, I saw her beauty fade away.

When I was done with her makeup, she looked in the mirror and her countenance changed. She started comparing herself with the other ladies and all she could see in herself was ugly. On the other hand, her friends were all raving about how much prettier she looked and how her light makeup suited her. Unfortunately, all she saw in herself was “they are prettier”. I felt so bad for her because it was obvious that her self esteem was on the rocks. No matter the number of compliments she received, all she saw was that the other girls were finer.

I have seen a lot of people who are considered to be “ugly” but the way they carried themselves made them beautiful and no matter what people said, they could never see themselves as ugly. To me, that is beauty in its truest form. People will always create their own standard for measuring beauty and the more you try to fit into the standard, the more they up the scale and at the end of the day, you would have lost your natural beauty trying to meet up.

“Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder,” this simply means that you are the beholder and your beauty is in your eyes. Every day, you ought to look at yourself in the mirror and see your beauty. What you see when you look at yourself in the mirror is what you are. Other opinions are irrelevant to your existence.  

See your beauty and others will see it too. Don’t aspire to be beautiful like the next person because you will never be. We are created in our own different ways and we should learn to embrace that fact.

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