LITTLE MISS EBONY - Beautiful Poem by Millie Omondi

Beauty is a promise of happiness
Beauty is diversification of range
Beauty is liberation from perception and expectations
Beauty is sincerity of a heart felt value
Beauty is epitome of faith and beliefs

Beauty is a requisite like any other

Breaks the heart just like bitterness

An unbearable drive to desperation

A moment’s glimpse of forever

Beauty is not colour

Though black don’t crack

It is certification of polished pearls

It is love of taste and creation of art

Indeed a beholder’s eye and a holder’s heart

Pretty we were born with

Believe within and lighten the darkness outside

Neither a curse nor a misfortune

But fineness of class at its peak

Like a bumblebee or a smilling face

Is beauty to the eyes with insight

It does not detest nor discriminate

It is ambiguous with an ample love

To possess it is to have control

In spirals let us move from the stigma

Shake off the pain in us

In confidence of black is beauty

The darker the melanin the richer the shade

Like a strong cup of cappuccino,

Getting an adult energised through a hectic day

Or a piece of chocolate,

Hyper activating a young one on a dull day

Is the promise of the future held in beauty

When doors of demerits get slammed behind us

Let us pat that weave in affirmation of our freckles

Let us not demolish our concrete towers

In our highness of our monarchy of roses

Let us stride like we own the ground we walk on

Let us not give them our soulful cries

For the rays of the sun runs like gold glows upon reflecting on our skins

For their sight suffers from selective syndrome

Laugh at rejections, smile at stares

Rebrand their scepticism about your edginess

Revamp that sparkle in your eye

Relive the innocence of your smile

Nurture the strength bore in your hips' sway

Dance to the rhythm of the flap of your breasts

Take pride in the baldness of your head

Take heritage of your darker shade

With your head held high in the swiftness of the wind,

Sway on those heels like an army

And when it suddenly rains,

Off goes your shoes and dance in the rain

For those who has reached the heart of life,
Find beauty in all things
Dark, ebony, chocolate, coal…
Get high in yourself
Whatever they name us,

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